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Support your local Cinema: underway and on the road

Posted in Cinema Visits, Movies!, Social Media info and data by rachaelwithana on March 1, 2010

Welcome to the Support your local Cinema blog.  And congratulations! because you’re already one step closer to making a difference to the independent cinema scene across Europe.


Look for the suitcase to see where we are going next!

Join the Support your local Cinema team on a journey of discovery as they visit a selection of arthouse cinemas across Europe and investigate their use of online tools (particularly social media) and offline methods (from special events to boards covered in post-it notes) to communicate with their audiences.

It is our aim to uncover their most effective and engaging strategies and learn as much as we can about the magical relationship between the audience and that beloved cultural icon – the local cinema.

A bit of back story…

Last year Moviepilot, the personalised movie-recommendation website and Germany’s 2nd biggest website for film, applied for MEDIA funding to coordinate an initiative aimed at driving new audiences to arthouse movie theatres via social media and online outreach.  True supporters of the independent cinema scene, and creative thinkers that they are, Moviepilot pitched the Support your local Cinema project that you will now be able to witness develop and grow through this blog, and in January this year, they were delighted to be awarded the money to make SylC, and therefore this blog, possible.

Essentially, we are conducting extensive research into indie audience behaviour, relationships between cinemas and audiences, trends, successes, pitfalls, highlights, reservations and all the interesting facts, figures and stories in between.  Out of this masss of information, we aim to extract some useful data enabling cinemas, effectively, to measure their efficiency, success, reach and so on.  It’s hugely exciting!  And already proving fascinating.  Did you know, for example that ten years ago, only between 3-5 films were released by distributors each week in Europe, and now it’s more like 10-15!? And, as for independent cinema losing it’s appeal?  Well, according to the Independent Cinema Office‘s Simon Ward (UK) that independent cinema audiences have been on the rise by approximately 10% year on year for the past 10 years.

The project is coordinated by Rachael Castell with assistance from Léa Germain, and overseen by Tobias Bauckhage, CEO of Moviepilot.

Coming up…

First stop – the HQ of Yorck cinemas in Berlin!


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