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Yorck Cinemas HQ, Berlin

Posted in Cinema Visits by rachaelwithana on March 5, 2010

Recognising that even in today’s new media world, cinema is an offline experience, that takes place in that hallowed space – the movie theatre.  Yorck cinemas cherish their unique architectural spaces.

The Yorck Cinema chain is famous for its selection of impressive historical locations, renovating old cinemas and returning them to their former glory.  People I’d spoken to at the Berlinale in advance of the SylC project launch spoke lovingly of the International in particular, and the Babylon is also clearly fondly loved.

Kino International, Berlin

Kino International, Berlin

Sadly, our meeting with Daniel Sibbers wasn’t held in such a celebrated architectural space, rather in the head offices of Yorck, but the passion and knowledge of independent cinema, and a love and appreciation of the Yorck ethos was in great evidence as we discussed the cinema’s history, its audiences, programming, magazine, and its strong relationship to the Berlinale.

Yorck is still in a transition phase when it comes to social media, their facebook pages initiated by passionate staff members, but their audiences are as active and interactive as can be in the offline environment, and we look forward to hearing how their recently initiated Facebook-only promotions go…


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