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“Oh, Cine-lysées”: le Lincoln, Paris

Posted in Cinema Visits by rachaelwithana on March 26, 2010

The power of juxtaposition: arthouse cinema just off les Champs Elysées

Well, what better reason to walk down the beautiful Champs Elysées than a visit to an arthouse cinema?  I must admit it seemed like a rebellious exercise, particularly as, on our way there, we passed a very fancy-looking restaurant where Léa whispered to me that Sarkozy is known to eat 🙂

Tucked down a side road off this most famous Parisian shopping avenue, it might seem odd to find an indie cinema, or even a cinema that can be described as ‘local’. Does the Champs Elysees have a local community?…  Well – yes.  And they can find true arthouse cinema fare here at le Lincoln – one of the three Multicine cinemas in Paris (which also includes 7 Parnassiens and 5 Caumartin).

Front of le Lincoln

Front of le Lincoln - just off Les Champs Elysées

Endearingly, the Multicine chain is a family business heralding back to a 70s heyday when their founder ran 30 single-screen cinemas across Paris.  Now, his granddaughter runs the remaining three – a diverse cross-section of independent filmhouses in three very different areas of the Capital.  Sadly, our meeting was too early to allow us to see into the cinemas, so we’ll just have to come back!  Hurrah!

Le Lincoln have just launched a Facebook page, so they are a perfect guinea-pig for our research into the potential effects of social media on audiences, box office etc.  Watch this space…


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