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Posted in Movies! by rachaelwithana on April 2, 2010

Superheroes kick ass across Germany at the premiere of kick ass film ‘Kick-Ass‘.  (And I try to fit the words ‘kick ass’ into a blog introduction as many times as possible).

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Superheroes in Hamburg

Moviepilot’s Kick-Ass 3-city premiere was an absolute riot!  I was at the Berlin screening which came complete with an appearance from an ‘official’ Kick-Ass and a whole array of additional superheroes, plus a competition and prize give-away live in-cinema.  A hugely enjoyable and truly cinematic experience.

Kick-Ass premiere, Berlin - superheroes

A fabulous array of superheroes turned out for the evening

In fact, the whole evening was a testimony to the power of cinema.  How it inspires devotional role-play, allows us to assume new personas – just like Kick-Ass does.  How we love, collectively, to share and show-off our intimate film-knowledge, learn more, know every detail from a character’s back story.  How joyful it is to sit and be transported to another world.   As I sat in the packed theatre with friends, colleagues, and a community of fellow film-fans, I felt that pleasant shiver of camaraderie that you only get sitting down to watch a movie in the cinema.  I felt like Woody Allen at the end of Hannah and Her Sisters, when simply going to the movies makes him realise that everything is alright with the world.

And here’s a quick review of Kick-Ass…

Kick-Ass is a high-energy, laugh-out-loud, genuine blow-by-blow action-hero movie with a twist: the hero is really an idealist, whose naivety is his greatest power.

But you can find lots more reviews and information on the Moviepilot pages


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