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And the Moviepilot post-premiere bar discussion award for best documentary goes to…

Posted in Movies! by rachaelwithana on April 7, 2010

Classic post-movie debate brought to you by Moviepilot and friends. But which docs have we missed?…

Following the screening of Kick-Ass, the Moviepilot crew – sticking to the age-old tradition – decamped to a nearby bar to discuss the film – a vitally important element of the cinematic ritual.  After much jubilant collective reviewing, we all agreed that the film ‘kicked ass’.

Next, joining forces with the Feunf Film Fruende team on the next table, we worked our way through a range of topics, finally settling on a debate about the best documentaries of all time.  Here is our list:

list of best documentaries assembled late night in a bar

Late-night best docs list...

And yes, yes – we know that 24 Hour Party People isn’t strictly a documentary, but then neither is the following day’s addition of American Splendor… or is it??  Uh – we’d better save that for a separate blog.

So anyway, in case you can’t read our writing, the list reads:

And not written down, but definitely discussed:

Reading back, this is a pretty eclectic list!

Out of this was then born a subset – the best music documentaries discussion!  By which point no-one still had the wherewithal to compile a written collection, so this is from memory:

So – go on, tell us what we’ve missed. I’m already thinking where was Touching the VoidGrey GardensThe Devil and Daniel Johnston?

In the meantime, we’re off to watch some docs.


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