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Hamburg again, Mein Herz für Zeise

Posted in Cinema Visits by elleestpasterroriste on April 28, 2010

by Léa Germain, project assistant Support your local Cinema

At Zeise, Jan-Oliver Lange showed us how a good online communication strategy can develop just organically and gains efficiency with the practice. With his inputs, Zeise now experiences the use of facebook as a fantastic means to gather precious feedback from its audience. Here social media manage to reflect Zeise’s branding as J-O puts is: popular art-house, uncomplicated and direct..

Au Zeise, Jan-Oliver nous a montré comment une bonne stratégie de communication en ligne peut se développer de manière organique et gagner en efficacité avec la pratique. Grâce à ses contributions, Zeise voit désormais en Facebook un moyen fantastique de récolter les précieuses réactions de son public. Ici, la présence sur les réseaux sociaux parvient à refléter l’image de Zeise telle que la formule Jan-Oliver: cinéma d’art et essais populaire, simple et direct.

What’s new in Hamburg??

The sun, of course! Back in Hamburg to visit the Zeise Kino.  I was meeting Jan-Oliver on a wonderful Friday in April.

Zeise Kinos in da place

Young, dynamic, highly fashionable, so is Zeise. In the heart of the bohemian district of Altona, the Zeise Kinos don’t really suffer from the concurrence of the multiplexes sprouting all over Hamburg. There are many reasons for that: their varied and quality programming – not too specialised but not mainstream as well, the beaming aura of neighbouring local world star Fatih Akin, regular shows such as poetry slam sessions featuring talented artists…

Zeise’s audience likes it

… And of course an intelligently lead online communication strategy helps spreading the word. Not only did more than 200 moviepilot users reward Zeise with their Herz für Kino, but over 1000 people have become their fans on facebook since September 2009 (200 fans more_ me included, hihi_ since the last time I checked in March!). Zeise cinema goers obviously like to express themselves, and to communicate with their cinema and with each other.

Thanks to enthusiastic Facebook users who started demanding screenings in  their original versions (well done guys!), the Zeise team now sees Facebook as a fantastic tool to get feedback from the viewers. The website has taken on the role as the main source of information for younger audiences – the Zeise team now engages even more with online media to communicate about their programming or even pushing last minute sales. Everyone seems quite happy with how things have evolved – there’s an obvious positivity to the Zeise community.

…offline, therefore online

Which doesn’t mean that any of the convivial aspects of sharing face to face advice, thoughts and discussion about movies is being neglected. As I arrived, one of the cool-looking young men working at the selling point was recommending an elderly lady some good movies for her grand-son, so cute! Online is extra: Jan-Oliver and Andreas (the webmaster)’s naturally and organically small strategy through the cinema’s website, engaging then in social media. And the audience’s reaction to this new development obviously encouraged them to keep on this track.


Thank you Jan-Oliver for this lovely meeting, thank you Hamburg for having let the sun shine. With social media, Hamburg’s independent cinemas have lovely days ahead!


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