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Our top 10 social media tips

Posted in Social Media info and data by rachaelwithana on June 28, 2010


If you are thinking about social media as a solution for you, here are a few things we suggest you keep in mind…

1. Don’t panic – strategise! Social media is new for everyone

Don’t get carried away with concept over content: think long term and develop a strategy that suits you and your audience, rather than jumping in to everything!  Chose one option (Facebook is a favourite) and start with that.

2. Trial and Error – Social Media offers instant feedback

It’s quick and easy to try things out online and special events or festivals are excellent testing grounds for new ideas.  As social media is designed to keep track of user activity you can easily see what your audience responds to.  Put a post on Twitter, ask your followers to RT, and check your stats in a couple of days.

3. Collaborate! You are surrounded by people who are already ready and willing to support your cinema.

Why not invite all of your staff to social media brainstorms?  Or create a youth board to input ideas?  Ask your audience. Some of our core cinemas have started to

go directly to their audiences inviting their most loyal and intereted visitors to focus groups about the future of their work online.

4. Be human. There is no more top-down, only peer to peer.

Don’t hide behind ‘official blurb’ – broadcast your own passion.  Be human, diverse, transparent, passionate.  Why not ask your CEO to write a blog?  Or see if another staff member would be interested in giving audiences an insight to eg. life in the projection room…

5. Encourage, motivate and challenge!  Let audiences demonstrate loyalty to you whilst showing off their own cinematic ‘ability’.

As a cinema you have to see that you share something with your audience – a passion for film.  Naturally, what motivates and inspires you will also inspire them.  Engage your audiences by combining a challenge with a competition.  Or why not ask your audiences to assist with your programming!  Respect their film knowledge and flatter their expertise to gain fans for life

6. Reward! They will love you even more.

Once you’ve got your audience working for you online, reward them by offering them a discount from time to time.  Why not use Facebook and Twitter to sell last minute tickets to under-sold performances?

7. Measure. Always refer to statistics.

You must analyse the effect of your projects online.  Use Google analytics, check how many people are actually opening your newsletter, keep track of friends on Facebook and look for top referral sites to your pages.

8. Slow and steady wins the race Maintain a steady output

Don’t get frustrated and quit if growth is slow.  Social Media is often a ‘slow burn’.  If you don’t keep up your output, audiences will stray away!  Why not set aside a regular time slot during the week to update your facebook page?

9.  Respond

There’s nothing worse than trying to communicate with someone and to be met with silence.  When people take the time to give you feedback (bad or good) reward them with a response.

10. Have fun!

If you’re enjoying yourself, so will others!  Cater for yourself!


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