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Face your profile!

Posted in Social Media info and data by elleestpasterroriste on July 20, 2010

Face your profile! Faites-face à votre profil!

Our today’s advice finds itself in this useful article from the very recommendable Mashable:

Here are 5 tips for social media beginners willing to start with a Facebook page, for instance.

As you exhibitors well know, and following up Rachael’s suggestions at Bologna Young Audience Seminar “Making an impression”- the first impression is very often a visual one.

This article can help you choose an efficient profile picture, which suits you the best- and will the most appeal to your visitors.

In short:

–         Choose a good quality picture – with a good resolution

–         Once you have one, stick to it – consistency in brand-mirroring will be at the base of your online identity

–         Respect formats and dimensions – they diverge from one site to another

–         Pimp your pic, be creative – there are easy tools to help you

–         If you fail, ask the web to do it for you J

Link to the full article:

Link to Rachael’s presentation in Bologna “Making an impression”:


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