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On the Road Again…

Posted in Cinema Visits by rachaelwithana on September 22, 2010


St. Thomas Church in Leipzig with the sun setting on the spire

Leipzig, host city for the Filmkunstmesse, once the home of Bach who was choirmaster at this very church.


Well, as summer doffs his cap and pops off for a holiday of its own (also known as ‘winter’ – boo), we at SylC find ourselves back on the road.  Since arriving back in the office at the end of July, we’ve already been seen in London, Berlin, Bristol, Leipzig and even Brighton.  And the adventure continues with trips to Hamburg, Manchester, Leicester and perhaps, if we’re very good, Glasgow, to keep us busy.  And, forwhy?  Well – to fulfil our mission to remain at the forefront of that strange yet enticing boundary where social media and arthouse cinema meet.

Alors que l’été rend sa casquette et s’octroie des vacances (aussi connues sous le nom d’»hiver »- bouh), nous à SylC nous trouvons de nouveau sur la route. Depuis notre retour au bureau fin juillet, nous avons déjà été vues à Londres, Berlin, Bristol, Leipzig et même Brighton. Et l’aventure continue aves des excursions à Hambourg, Manchester, Leicester et peut-être, si le succès nous sourit, à Glasgow- histoire de rester occupées. Tout cela pourquoi ? Eh bien- pour réaliser notre mission : se maintenir en première ligne de cette étrange et fascinante frontière, où réseaux sociaux et cinéma d’art et d’essai se rencontrent.

The most exciting thing about these various excursions is the overwhelming enthusiasm that meets us on our travels.  I guess we all know that no-one works in arthouse cinema for a fat paycheck, and so one of the many and heartening continuums of our work is the consistent passion of our colleagues and partners.  Everyone that Léa and I have met is dedicated to the task, challenge even, of (our three favourite ‘e’s) encouraging, enriching and enabling an audience member’s first contact with an arthouse film.

And so, our work continues to make that endeavour easier, or at least less complicated.  I have been working with our partner the Independent Cinema Office to develop Social Media training workshops, both at beginner and more advanced levels.  The first of these at ICO’s ‘Promote Your Film Events on a Shoestring’ event in Bristol went well, and was in fact an eye-opener to me, reminding me of the myriad possible ways to use social media.  As always, my message remains the same – keep it simple, within your capabilities and play to your strengths!  You don’t need to do everything, just do one thing really really well. I’ll make the handouts I prepared for the talk available here – hopefully they’re self-explanatory and somewhat useful!

In parallel to our offline appearances, the SylC development team are busy behind the scenes, working apace on our product phase.  We’ll have to keep you posted on that one, but for the meantime, watch this space!


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