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Q. What’s 2 Miles Down, Three Stories up, and constructed entirely of cubes?

Posted in Cinema Visits by rachaelwithana on October 6, 2010

A.  See below… (we’ve got to keep you guessing – and besides, you love a quiz – we know you do).


Front view of Phoenix Square, Leicester

Phoenix Square


As Digital Spaces go, Phoenix Square, literally, has it all.  Cinema screens, gallery spaces, editing suites, a production studio, satellite connectivity, dark fibre, courtyards for outdoor screenings, interactive white boards – the lot.  It’s an indie cinema-digital  enthusiast’s playground.  I kind of wanted to live there.  Of course, that’s also an option – the place has got flats for rent and everything.  Blimey.

Julian Marsh, the award-winning architect for Phoenix Square clearly had a vision which – contrary to the structuralist aesthetic of the building as a series of self-contained ‘cubes’ – is entirely interconnected.

Manager Andy Jones’ optimism and passion for the space is both inspiring and justified.  The entire concept is a thrilling testimony to our digital future in which virtuality is almost tangible in the fabric of each corner or specially-built wall.  Their aspiration to CAV (Cross-Arts Venue) status is basically in the bag – CAVs should be aspiring to be more in this vein!

Oh – and what’s two miles down?  The groundsource heat pumps of course.  This highly efficient ecological system sees pipes taking collected rainwater two miles down towards the core of the Earth where the water is heated by the warmth of the planet itself.  It’s so efficient apparently, that every five years it has to be put into reverse so that the ground can be warmed back up again!  If that’s the kind of efficiency that’s resident in the very fibre of the building, with all their resources and every corner of space optimally used, then the Phoenix are destined for a fabulous future.  And we are very proud to have them, and the PBQ (Phoenix Broadway, Quad) network on board with SylC.  We look forward to learning more from them and vice versa we hope!!

A: The Phoenix Cinema, Leicester of course!


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