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About SylC

What is Support your local Cinema?

Support your local Cinema (SylC)  is funded by the EU and coordinated by moviepilot (, Germany’s largest movie community.  SylC was funded as one of MEDIA’s pilot projects.  MEDIA is a unit of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union.

What is the mission of SylC?

With SylC we aim to look at the independent, arthouse cinema sector in Europe and seek ways to assist our partner cinemas to increase audience numbers, raise profile and improve box office using the web.  Having conducted an extensive survey of cinemas and audiences across Europe, our mission now is to design easy to use online tools specifically for this purpose.  We will be developing these products in consultation with our partner cinemas.

What is the process of the project?

The project is being conducted in two phases:

Phase I (completed May 2010):

Our mission in Phase I was to really get to grips with how the relationship between arthouse cinema and social media in Europe looks now, working with our cinemas to uncover trends, success stories, frustrations, wants and needs using a variety of means including:

  1. face to face interviews with a core group of 15 best practise cinemas in 6 countries in Europe
  2. telephone / email interviews with a wider list of 25 cinemas using online communications across Europe
  3. an audience survey of over 1700 audience members distributed on ehalf of moviepilot through cinema newsletters and social media sites

Phase II:

In Phase I, we learned how cinemas across Europe are using social media and online communication successfully and what their problems needs and shortfalls are.  We learned that there is an attractive part of the audiences that is active and willing to embrace online activity and amplify the audiences effect by sharing and recommending.

NOW the real work of this project starts: based on your needs, our observations, your audience’s feedback and our experiences in growing a large movie community online, we will now develop online products and services, easy-to-integrate widgets and customised tools for you to fill any gaps, improve your work and optimise the effect on your customers’ loyalty and box office.

We have already started a concept phase looking at some of the missing links in the current landscape and at obstacles in your daily routines in order to identify areas where moviepilot might be able to help.  these concepts will be workshopped with a core group of partner cinemas with whom we will test and streamline our ideas and product prototypes, leading to a product shortlist by the end of summer.  From this shortlist, we will then develop several products and launch them in a first beta-test together with selected partner cinemas in Germany and the UK.

Some of the areas we are brainstorming right now include:

  • one-stop solutions to update different social media channels from a central point
  • Content-widgets to enrich the quality and depth of content on your websites
  • Recommendation tools to target your growing online audience more thoroughly
  • Newsletter tools to enhance and track your cinema’s performance
  • Community tools, easy-to-integrate on your website
  • Facebook widgets, customised for cinemas to improve Facebook reach and activity

After a test and optimisation phase we will then offer these products and tools to a wider group of partner cinemas.

If you are interested in coming on board as a SylC partner, please get in touch:

Rachael Castell, Project Coordinator:

Léa German, Project Assistant:


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