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What is SylC?

Support your local Cinema aims to look at the independent, arthouse cinema sector in Europe and seek ways to assist our partner cinemas to increase audience numbers, raise profile and improve box office using the web.

More Information

Who are your partners?

You can see a full list of participating cinemas and partner organisations here

What are the benefits of partnership with SylC?

As a partner of SylC, this gives you the opportunity to inform our thinking and assist us in making the best services for you.  For the majority of cinemas, all that this partnership entails is communication: as we progress, we would occasionally want to share our process with you and invite you to give us feedback or potentially suggest ideas.  Time involved would be minimal, but important as we rely on our cinemas to ensure that we are making something of most use to them.

The concepts that we develop will be workshopped with a core group of partner cinemas with whom we will test and streamline our ideas and product prototypes, leading to a product shortlist by the end of summer.  From this shortlist, we will then develop several products and launch them in a first beta-test together with selected partner cinemas in Germany and the UK.

Some of the areas we are brainstorming right now include:

  • one-stop solutions to update different social media channels from a central point
  • Content-widgets to enrich the quality and depth of content on your websites
  • Recommendation tools to target your growing online audience more thoroughly
  • Newsletter tools to enhance and track your cinema’s performance
  • Community tools, easy-to-integrate on your website
  • Facebook widgets, customised for cinemas to improve Facebook reach and activity

After a test and optimisation phase we will then offer these products and tools to a wider group of partner cinemas.

How do I become a partner of SylC?

If you are interested in coming on board as a partner of SylC, please email Rachael Castell, Project Coordinator on including a short paragraph about your cinema, your use of social media, and your reasons for wanting to be involved.

What is a mandate and why do I need to sign one?

SylC is funded by the EU’s MEDIA funding programme which requires a series of letters of support from our partners.  If you are already on board as a partner, you will have initially signed one letter of support for the project.  This binds you to the project as a partner (unless you wish to resign your support, see below), and means that MEDIA will assume that you are happy to continue supporting the project throughout its funded term.  MEDIA requires proof of your support for the project in the form of a ‘mandate’.  This is a document that states your continued involvement with SylC.  There is no further obligation on your behalf once the mandate is signed.  However, if our original supporters do not sign the mandate, MEDIA withhold our funding and the project is void.

How is SylC funded?

SylC is one of the EU MEDIA programme’s pilot projects.  You can read more about these here.

What are your findings so far?

You can see a summary of our findings from Phase I here

How do I resign my partnership of SylC?

If you are a partner of SylC but would like to resign your partnership, please write to Miriam Graff or Léa Germain  They will talk you through the process of leaving the project.  We will be sorry to lose you but we understand that SylC isn’t for everyone.


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